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Do it yourself Detailing Tips- First Edition

Bird Droppings… This can damage and mar your paint finish if left on too long. Bird poop is very acidic and can eat into the vehicle’s finish.

bird droppings

acidic effect

Remedy: Carry a container of Baby Wipes in the vehicle to quickly wipe away the debris. This should be done ASAP! Otherwise the acidic waste can eat right into your paint finish and cause permanent damage as seen in these photos.

baby wipes

permanent damage

A Detailer with experience can sometimes color sand the paint and compound out the marks left behind if it hasn’t eaten all the way through the paint.

Tree Sap the sticky kind…

tree sap

Isopropyl Alcohol

Remedy: First remove as much of the heavy sticky part with a plastic razor blade. Then take a micro fiber towel and apply Isopropyl Alcohol. Rub briskly until the sap is dissolved. For really stubborn sap that has been on the surface a long while, soak a separate piece of paper towel in the alcohol solution and set it on top of the sap for a period of time until the sap is easily wiped away clean.

Tree Sap the hard kind…

For tree sap that feels hard like sandpaper when you run your hand over the surface, you’ll need to treat this problem differently. Yes different trees release different types of sap! This type of sap can be pretty easily removed by using a spray bottle of soapy solution and a bar of clay (can be purchased at Pep Boys) . You can also use Spray Wax and liberally spray the area to be treated before rubbing the surface with the bar of clay. The surface must be lubricated and wet prior to using the clay bar. Clean a small area at a time and wipe clean with a dry microfiber towel.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Do it yourself Detailing Tips. Watch for other helpful car care tips or visit this link to get more of my secret fixes to keep your vehicle looking great!

As with any procedure we recommend first testing products in an inconspicuous area before attempting to correct any problem. Drive Clean Drive Happy! GREG DUMOND


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