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Exterior Reconditioner

Protect Your Investment


Preventative action: Unfortunately, most individuals do not take proper care of their vehicles. The paint finish on the vehicle is sadly ignored and the foundation has been laid for premature paint oxidation and poor protection from the earth's harmful elements. Oxidation occurs when heat and oxygen combine, breaking down the molecular structure of your car's painted surface. Oxidation or starvation occurs when your car's paint uses up its natural oil content and accelerates the drying of the surface.

A wax or sealant will provide your car with a protective barrier against the elements. This is a sound preventive measure toward extending the life expectancy of your vehicle's paint job. The high cost of a new paint job is certainly worth a little preventive maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, your vehicle's paint job will last for years to come!


Wow..It's like driving a new Car again!

Headlight Restoration
Mag Wheel Degreasing
Interior Cleaning
Expert Paint Restoration

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