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Prices will vary depending on the year, make, model, and condition of the vehicle.

Please call us for your Auto Detailing customized quote.

The following problem areas may result in additional charges:


  • Heavy oxidation or scratches

  • Paint correction and color sanding

  • Paint overspray or fallout

  • Water spots & stains

  • Heavy street road tar

  • Heavy interior staining

  • Tree sap removal

  • Pet hair or smoke odor removal


For your convenience we accept 

ALL major credit cards

  • The Deluxe Car Wash : $45.00
    We'll pamper your car with our 16-point cleaning system. Your car is meticulously hand-washed with our rich body shampoo and lambswool wash mitt as we remove dirt, bugs, and road grime, leaving it spotless and streakfree. Special attention is also paid to cleaning the wheels\dressing the tires, glass polishing the windows inside and out, dusting down the console and dash areas and thoroughly vacuuming the interior and trunk area. We even add a nice fresh scent. This is like no other car wash you've ever experienced! Guaranteed! Call us for more details and a price quote for your car. (Trucks, Vans, Wagons and SUVs are not included)
  • Exterior Detail Reconditioner : $125.00
    Protect Your Investment Preventative action: Unfortunately, most individuals do not take proper care of their vehicles. The paint finish on the vehicle is sadly ignored and the foundation has been laid for premature paint oxidation and poor protection from the earth's harmful elements. Oxidation occurs when heat and oxygen combine, breaking down the molecular structure of your car's painted surface. Oxidation or starvation occurs when you car's paint uses up its natural oil content and accelerates the drying of the surface. A wax or sealant will provide your car with a protective barrier against the elements. This is a sound preventive measure toward extending the life expectancy of your vehicle's paint job. The high cost of a new paint job is certainly worth a little preventive maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, your vehicle's paint job will last for years to come! (Prices vary depending on year, make, and model of vehicle.)
  • Interior Detail Rejuvenator : $150.00
    FOR THAT FEELING OF NEWNESS! Inside Facts: With all the dirt, mud, sand, not to mention the fast foods, cosmetics, gum, crayons, smoke, pet odors, coffee and soda spills, it's no wonder this is one of the most neglected areas of car cleaning. You can, however, through a regular cleaning program, extend the life and value of your automobile's interior. A thorough cleaning of your car can rejuvenate fabrics, carpeting and upholstery. Your automobile will take on a new look. Interior vinyl and leather glimmers with a soft satin sheen and the dash and console areas look crisp and clean. It's the interior of the car that produces the feeling of newness. Your car's perfectly detailed interior is the essence of what clean is really all about! (Prices vary depending on year, make, and model of vehicle.)
  • The Works Detail inside & out : $195.00
    WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE DETAILS : Auto Detailing is intensive cleaning and reconditioning of every interior and exterior nook and cranny of your automobile. In fact, your car will go through our 45-point bumper to bumper white glove inspection test when done. Consider this: the average new car costs about $20,000 and may be one of the biggest investments you'll make. Routine cleaning and polishing by a trained professional is your best way to insure the longevity of your prized possession. Regular use of our service will help restore, revitalize and recapture that look and feel you once had of driving a new car! (Prices vary depending on year, make, and model of vehicle.)
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