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Achieving perfect paint is our goal and plays a big part in our customer expectations when they receive their vehicle after the Auto Detailing process. Expert paint polishing is truly understanding many of the paint types and finishes which include: custom paints, dom...

Inside Facts: With all the dirt, mud, sand, not to mention the fast foods, cosmetics, gum, crayons, smoke, pet odors, coffee and soda spills, it's no wonder this is one of the most neglected areas of car cleaning.  You can, however, through a regular cleaning program,...

Protect your convertible Rag Top from premature fading. Scotch-guard fabric protectant is also recommended to treat and protect convertible rag tops from bird droppings and discoloration. Let us treat this sensitive material with a barrier of our special sealant speci...

New! Sterilize your car!!! Our unique 'Dry Fog' deodorizing system neutralizes pet and urine odor, mold/mildew, tobacco smoke, air conditioning ducts, and food odors - Permanently eliminates odors by destroying the organisms which cause the odors. Give your family cle...

Got old yellow and cloudy Headlights? They are the eyes of your vehicle. They allow you to see at night and be seen by other motorists. Without them, you'd be blind. That's why keeping your headlights clean and clear is so important. With our special process we can ma...

Our state-of-the-art glass system repairs stone damage breaks and cracks as well as stars and bulls eyes. We use the finest liquid glass resin injection system in the market. The finished repair is permanent and non-weathering; optical clarity and tensile strength are...

Our convenient mobile service will come to your home or office and remove those unsightly door dings and dents without the hassle of taking your car to a body shop. Our service technicians are highly skilled and trained in PDR. This process requires No down time and N...

Our unique mobile service will come to your home or office and repair those unsightly paint chips, nicks, scratches, and bumpers at a fraction of what a typical body shop would charge. Our service will restore the beauty and value of your prized possession!

Whether you have an RV, Boat, Motorcycle or other recreational vehicle we can restore and maintain it's beauty and Investment value. For over 30 years we have cleaned and polished hundreds of our customer's Toys. Detail Masters of America will give you that feeling of...

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We'll pamper your car with our 16-point cleaning system.  Your car is meticulously hand-washed with our rich body shampoo and lambswool wash mitt as we remove dirt, bugs, and road grime, leaving it spotless and streakfree.


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